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Milton Keynes Car Service is the first choice of service and repair centre for many ranging from individuals, families to businesses throughout Milton Keynes.  

After studying the garage service industry from a visitor and customer’s point of view, we know how scary this can be. We have customers who choose us time and time again because they know we can be relied upon, for the quality car service and repairs. There is no such thing as surprising people with hidden fees or unnecessary extras – Our customers are important to us, and we make sure they’re looked after in every way possible right down to the coffee they drink.

We practice a fixed price menu based upon your engine size, so you know what it will cost you from the start. All prices include Parts, Oil, Labour, and VAT.

We carry out minor to major services, MOT inspections and major repairs to almost all makes and brands of cars you can think of!

This is done by our in-house high quality mechanics, trained to the "T" with all the necessary tools and equipment.

Milton Keynes Car Service is the Garage of Choice..

Milton Keynes Car Service Experts

All work is done to the manufacturer’s specifications, warranty on genuine parts, Service books are stamped, We give you the full service checklist sheet, in person or via email and find out about MOT inspections at MOT Milton Keynes Car Service

Quality MOT Inspections at Milton Keynes Car Service

We carry out MOT inspections using the latest technology and tools. Our mechanics are highly skilled and trained. We quote you on any failures before proceeding with repairs. Find out more at Mechanic Milton Keynes Car Service


Professional Mechanic  at Milton Keynes Car Service

Our mechanics are fully trained on all aspects of the trade, offering high standards and quality standards at all times. We use the latest technology on diagnostic equipment and tooling, to the standards of the dealerships.


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